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North Valley News (August)

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North Valley News this month was a blessing to be apart of. August is a critical month for kids of all ages getting ready for the new school year. This month we had three articles that could really help and encourage this age group. We had such a great response via: e-mail from all of our followers and fellow servants. This month had the best open % and positive response then any other NVN we have sent. God has blessed in so many ways including our radio station. KNVBC.COM has also been blessed through our monthly e mail. Across the globe we have had uplifting e-mails almost daily. You can read a few of those in an article written by our faithful listeners.

I am blessed to be apart of this ministry
Thank you,
Devin Mallonee


Best Deal in Wireless

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Hello world!

Hey everyone,

This is the first blog I have ever written and I am excited to see how this will turn out. I have a simple layout and nothing interesting to talk about yet. Soon I hope to learn how to create a blog with great design and decent content. This is the first blog I have ever made so it is an experiment to see if i could actually create something on my own that is appealing to the eyes in a fun and expressive way. Wish me luck!!